Sientra Breast Implants


As a recognized leader in breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Michael Schwartz was selected by Sientra to be among the first in the United States to offer their recently FDA-approved breast implants. These remarkable breast implants are made of a high-strength cohesive gel that looks and feels like natural breast tissue. Sientra implants are leak-resistant and are available only to board certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Schwartz.

Dr. Schwartz has been selected by Sientra, the implant manufacturer, to educate other doctors, as well as participates as a speaker educating other physicians around the country.

Sientra’s implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with either a smooth or textured surface. You can choose the Sientra round or shaped implant option that best suits your individual needs. Round implants provide volume in the upper breast area (called upper pole area). Shaped implants are intended to match the anatomy of your chest wall, with a softer, more natural upper pole.

New Implants Mean More Choices for Women

Sientra Limited Warranty and Product Replacement Programs include:

  • Up to $3600 toward surgery, if necessary, should rupture occur within 10 years following your breast implant surgery
  • Lifetime replacement of the product if your implant ruptures
  • Free contralateral (opposite side) implant replacement if it becomes necessary

Contact Dr. Schwartz’s office to schedule a complimentary consultation about the newest, innovative breast implants.