As nationally recognized breast, body, and facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz and Dr. Jennifer Stark offer over 45 years of combined experience, artistry, and science to create impeccable results for patients in their Westlake Village office.

Distinguished by their vast experience, commitment to perfection, and exceptionally natural results, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark are known for their ability to deliver the exquisite cosmetic outcomes their patients desire.


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Dr. Schwartz ensures that his breast surgery patients enjoy reliably natural results, enabling you to enjoy a proportionate look and a silhouette that leaves you feeling confident and attractive. As a leading national authority on breast enhancement, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Schwartz to sculpt the precise breasts you desire. He ensures beautiful & exceptionally natural-looking results from breast augmentation Los Angeles area patients can rely on.

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Your face is your most valuable asset. Known for his refined technique and natural results that are never overdone, your face is in highly capable hands with Dr. Schwartz in his pristine office adjacent to Calabasas. Guided by his meticulous eye for detail, he will enhance your natural beauty, take years off your appearance and ensure you look as young and vibrant as you feel.

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Having the body you desire can boost your confidence. As a preeminent surgeon in body contouring techniques, Dr. Schwartz is able to artfully sculpt your hips, tummy, thighs, arms, and more. He can remove excess fat and sagging skin from the areas that concern you most -- restoring a youthful and slim body that you’ll be proud to show off.

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Meet the experts behind your aesthetic transformation Board-certified plastic surgeons with expert-level artistic precision.

Founder & SurgeonDr. Michael R. Schwartz, MD

Associate SurgeonDr. Jennifer Stark, DO

Dr. Michael Schwartz & Dr. Jennifer Stark
Dr. Michael R. Schwartz, board certified plastic surgeon in Thousand Oaks

Meet the Founder & Surgeon Dr. Michael R. Schwartz

Double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz is the go-to plastic surgeon in the Westlake Village, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks area, in addition to all the  patients who visit him from across the country and around the world. He specializes in cosmetic procedures for the face, breast, and body, where his keen eye and elegant artistry reveal themselves in the exemplary results he consistently creates for his patients. With 25 years of private practice experience, his vast expertise, meticulous eye for detail, and rare level of artistry allow him to achieve results that are both beautiful and extremely natural.

As a leading authority in his field, Thousand Oaks area plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz’s expertise in breast enhancement and other plastic surgery procedures is beyond compare. He is a national educator for breast implant manufacturers and routinely trains other leading surgeons on how to achieve optimal results during their procedures. Sought after from all over the world for his expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Schwartz has authored and presented numerous papers and book chapters, and has been an invited speaker at many national plastic surgery meetings. With his wealth of expertise, artistic skill and national reputation, there are few surgeons more qualified than Dr. Schwartz to enhance your appearance and achieve the precise look you desire.

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Breast ProceduresThe Breast Surgery Expert

For those seeking breast surgery, look no further than Westlake Village plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz is a recognized leader in breast surgery, and contributes to the aesthetics industry as a national educator, as well. Surgeons visit him from around the country for advanced mentorships to learn how to use the most modern implants and techniques available,  sharing his vast knowledge to ensure other surgeons are using best practices for optimal results. Having performed well over 10,000 breast procedures, he is frequently asked to teach on behalf of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, an honor that only comes after years of relentlessly delivering exceptional results.

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The Aesthetic Surgery Journal's Best Paper of 2018

Dr. Schwartz is a published author recognized nationally for contributing to the award-winning article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. The article “Long-Term Safety of Textured and Smooth Breast Implants” shares critical research that informs the safest practices using breast implants of plastic surgeons worldwide.

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Face Surgery

As a nationally renowned plastic surgeon operating in the Thousand Oaks and Calabasas area, Dr. Schwartz addresses the telltale signs of aging in the face, neck, brow, and eyes, restoring a rejuvenated, youthful look to your appearance. Using the Deep Plane technique, Dr. Schwartz is known for his natural and beautiful  results. Whether you desire a subtle or dramatic change to your look, Dr. Schwartz has the technical expertise to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Dr. Jen Stark

Meet the Associate Surgeon Dr. Jen Stark

Dr. Stark was inspired to become a plastic surgeon at a young age when she met a man with a congenital deformity and saw how it affected his life and self-esteem. Since that moment, she aspired to dedicate her life to help instill confidence in others through Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Stark was also influenced by her background in art to pursue plastic surgery. She is a classically trained artist in drawing, painting, and sculpting. It was apparent that plastic surgery would be the perfect marriage between her passions for art and medicine. She provides all aesthetic plastic surgical and non-surgical procedures.

She takes pride in practicing as an ethical surgeon and meticulous perfectionist. With Dr. Stark, you will have an individualized comprehensive approach from a woman’s perspective with an artist’s touch.

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Body Procedures You can have your dream body.

A toned body will boost your confidence in more ways than one. As expert surgeons in body contouring techniques, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark are able to artfully sculpt your breasts, hips, tummy, thighs, arms, and more. They can tighten muscle loosened by pregnancy, as well as remove excess fat and sagging skin from the areas that concern you mostrestoring a youthful and slim body you'll be proud to show off.

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Your Rejuvenation Destination

At the Schwartz Aesthetic Institute, we welcome patients seeking non-surgical treatment. At our luxurious med spa, you will enjoy the full range of non-surgical services, all while being pampered in every detail.

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Explore Our Menu of Non-Surgical Procedures

Dermal Fillers

Volume loss, deep creases, and wrinkles can cause you to appear older before your time. When this occurs, Dr. Schwartz or one of our expert nurse injectors offer a number of injectable dermal fillers designed to restore a smooth and youthful facial appearance, without undergoing invasive surgery.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Frown lines, crow’s feet, and a drooping brow are telltale signs of aging that can add years to your appearance. Known for their refined techniques in BOTOX, Dysport, Juvéderm, and Daxxify, our highly qualified staff is able to reverse these signs of aging in a natural way, ensuring you look younger and more refreshed than ever.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser treatments are an effective way to reduce wrinkles, scars, and other skin imperfections. As the premier plastic surgery establishment in Westlake, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks area, Dr. Schwartz and his expert nurse providers offer many laser techniques to restore your smooth, youthful, and blemish and hair-free skin with little to no downtime.

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Excess weight and stubborn fat can be daunting, affecting your confidence and overall well-being. At our clinic, renowned for its expertise in Semaglutide, our skilled professionals offer a transformative solution. Through this cutting-edge medication, we help combat weight-related concerns, allowing you to shed pounds and embrace a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.

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Feel at Ease in Our State-of-the-Art Facility

The Schwartz Aesthetic Institute is a spectacular, state-of-the-art, stand-alone facility which includes our medical office, The Spa, and the Westlake Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Our surgical center is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and meets the strictest patient safety standards for top-tier surgical care.

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Office Image

Comfortable Waiting Area

When you walk through the door, you will enter our elegant, comfortable waiting area, where our friendly, professional staff will check you in and answer any questions you may have.

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Surgical Waiting Area

As you arrive for your surgery, you will enter through a private, separate entrance with your own waiting area. Our surgical team will greet you there.

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Qualified Professionals

Dr. Schwartz has built his practice with an accomplished team of qualified professionals, including board-certified anesthesiologists, to maximize your comfort during your operation.

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Safe and Confidential

We employ the safest techniques using modern technology and highly value your privacy for a surgical experience that exceeds expectations at every level.

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A Luxury Experience

To ensure you have the most relaxing experience possible, we provide a beautifully appointed, tranquil atmosphere where your every need is seen to, and you can truly feel at ease.

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Visualize Your Results

Using a groundbreaking 3D imaging tool, Vectra XT, you can easily visualize your desired results through augmented reality technology before ever undergoing the procedure.

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Exceptional Patient Care

Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark listen carefully to the needs of each patient and provide compassionate, comprehensive, patient-centered care as they deliver the desired cosmetic outcomes.

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Advanced, Innovative Techniques

Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark have perfected their surgical styles using the most advanced, innovative techniques that ensure rapid recovery so you can return to your life sooner than you think.

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Unparalleled Surgical Artistry

Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark are true surgical artists. With their masterful hands, they sculpt the human anatomy to enhance your appearance so you radiate a youthful, natural-looking glow.

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Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark have earned a reputation for excellence by creating results that consistently exceed their patient's expectations. They are excited to learn about your cosmetic goals and work with you to create a custom treatment plan that sees you enjoying your ideal outcome. To get started, reach out to us by phone, or click on the link below to speak with a helpful member of our team and set up your initial consultation today.

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