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Over 20 years of Aesthetic Excellence

A nationally recognized breast, body and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz combines over 20 years of experience, artistry, and science to obtain impeccable results for his patients in his Westlake Village office.

Distinguished by his vast expertise, commitment to perfection, and exceptionally natural results, Dr. Schwartz is known for his ability to deliver the exquisite cosmetic results his patients desire.

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Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast Augmentation Westlake Village


Breasts that fit your body can do wonders for your appearance & self-esteem. As a leading national authority on breast enhancement, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Schwartz to sculpt the precise breasts you desire. He ensures beautiful & exceptionally natural looking results from a breast augmentation Los Angeles patients can rely on.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Thousand Oaks


Your face is your most valuable asset. Known for his refined technique and natural results that are never overdone, your face is in highly capable hands with Dr. Schwartz in his pristine Calabasas office. Guided by his meticulous eye for detail, he will enhance your natural beauty, take years off your appearance and ensure you look as young and vibrant as you feel.

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Plastic Surgery Westlake Village


A toned body will boost your confidence in more ways than one. As a preeminent surgeon in body contouring techniques, Dr. Schwartz is able to artfully sculpt your hips, tummy, thighs, arms and more. He’ll remove excess fat and sagging skin from the areas that concern you most -- restoring a youthful and slim body you’ll be proud to show off.

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Breast Implant Guru

For those seeking breast augmentation procedures, look no further than Westlake Village plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz. As a recognized leader in breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Schwartz is a national educator in breast surgery. Surgeons visit him from all over the country for advanced mentorships to learn how to use the most modern implants and techniques available, ensuring other surgeons are using best practices for optimal results. Lastly, he teaches on behalf of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an appointment that only comes after years of relentlessly delivering exceptional results.

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Male Plastic surgery

Dr. Schwartz understands that men possess distinct plastic surgery objectives. While women desire beautiful and feminine features -- men want to retain their masculine look while taking years off their appearance.

As a nationally renowned plastic surgeon operating in Thousand Oaks, Dr. Schwartz has an uncanny ability to deliver on his male patients’ precise cosmetic goals. To begin treatment, he will work closely with you to understand the aspects of your appearance that you’d like to change, as well as the specific outcomes you hope to achieve. From there, he’ll offer personalized, expert guidance on which procedures and techniques will accomplish the overall look you desire. In this way, he’ll help you achieve a distinguished and youthful appearance that boosts your confidence and ensures you look as young as you feel.

Plastic Surgeon Thousand Oaks

The Spa

At the office of Dr. Michael Schwartz, we welcome our patients seeking non-surgical treatment. With the full bevy of non-invasive, rejuvenating services, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Enter The Spa to learn more.


Featured Non-Surgical Procedures


Frown lines, crow’s feet and a drooping brow are telltale signs of aging that can add years to your appearance. Known for their refined techniques in Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and other dermal fillers, our highly qualified staff are able to reverse these signs of aging in a natural way, ensuring you look younger and more refreshed than ever.

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Volume loss, deep creases and wrinkles can cause you to appear older before your time. When this occurs, Dr. Schwartz or one of our expert nurse practitioners offers a number of injectable dermal fillers designed to restore a smooth and youthful facial appearance, without undergoing invasive surgery.

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Laser Skin

Laser skin resurfacing is an effective way to reduce wrinkles, scars and other skin imperfections. As one of the best plastic surgery establishments in Calabasas, Dr. Schwartz and his expert nurse practitioners offer laser resurfacing techniques to restore your smooth, youthful and blemish-free skin with little downtime.

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Meet Dr. Michael R. Schwartz

Double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz is the go-to plastic surgeon in Westlake Village, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks. He specializes in cosmetic procedures for the body, breasts and face, where his keen eye and elegant artistry reveal themselves most in natural, smiling faces everywhere. With over 23 years of experience and over 20 years of private practice, his vast expertise, meticulous eye for detail and rare level of artistry allow him to achieve results that are both beautiful and extremely natural.

A leading authority in his field, Thousand Oaks plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz’s expertise in breast enhancement and other plastic surgery procedures is beyond compare. He is a national educator for breast implant manufacturers and routinely trains other leading surgeons on how to achieve optimal results during their procedures. Sought after from all over the world for his expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Schwartz has authored and presented numerous papers and has been an invited speaker at several national plastic surgery meetings. With his wealth of expertise, artistic skill and national reputation, there are few surgeons more qualified than Dr. Schwartz to enhance your appearance and achieve the precise look you desire.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal's Best Paper of 2018

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