Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark are proud to offer their patients the ability to accurately visualize different breast augmentation styles, techniques, and implants to achieve ideal results. Vectra takes the guesswork out of the equation — you can now go into your treatment with clear expectations.

What is Vectra?

Regardless of the amount of research you’ve put into finding the ideal size, style, and type of implant, you might struggle to accurately envision the result. You might also be uncertain about how different augmentation styles will look in the end. Most patients are riddled with self-doubt and concerns going into their treatments. Vectra helps you confirm your decision.

Vectra XT is a revolutionary 3D imaging tool that uses augmented reality technologies to visualize your desired results. Not only does it give you greater clarity and mental comfort, but it also improves the consultation process. Vectra XT involves using six cameras to capture a 3D image of your body. We can then use the Vectra software to modify the results and procedures — you can essentially “try out” different implants and procedure styles until you find results you’re happy with.

An overview of your Vectra consultation

The first stage of your Vectra consultation involves photography. The Vectra XT device includes six strategically-positioned cameras that take ultra-high resolution images of your body from all angles. This device captures the smallest of details with utmost clarity. The results are then uploaded into the Vectra software, where you can see a 360-degree view of the “before” images.

Once the images have been captured, you’ll have a detailed consultation with Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Stark . They will carefully assess the treatment areas and discuss your cosmetic goals. You’ll discuss the ideal treatment style, implants, size, and other details. Based on the consultation and your goals, they will make certain adjustments to the software to produce a visual representation of the end results based on the chosen treatment plan.

You can simply appreciate the end result and proceed with the treatment with complete mental clarity. Or you can customize the result. You can try out different implant sizes and styles until you find your optimal result. You can also compare the before and after images once you’re done. Your surgeon will also take biological measurements of your body to ensure the procedure is carefully considered.

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Vectra 3D is the ideal Software for Breast Augmentation

Benefits of Vectra for breast augmentation

  • Visualize the end results before your surgery.
  • Try out different implant sizes, styles, and brands.
  • Compare the before and after images.
  • Examine the results from all possible angles.
  • Modify the procedure until you’re happy with the results.
  • Proceed with the surgery with complete mental clarity.
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Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Stark have earned a reputation for excellence by creating results that consistently exceed their patient's expectations. They are excited to learn about your cosmetic goals and work with you to create a custom treatment plan that sees you enjoying your ideal outcome. To get started, reach out to us by phone, or click on the link below to speak with a helpful member of our team and set up your initial consultation today.

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