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It’s quite common for men and women to be unable to achieve their ideal bodies through diet and exercise alone. This is because your age and genetics play a critical role in the way your body distributes fat. If it’s not distributed evenly, you end up with stubborn pockets of fat, resulting in an out-of-shape overall look no matter how hard you train at the gym. When this occurs, Dr. Schwartz will likely recommend liposuction to surgically remove the excess volume that concerns you most – achieving a more slender and trim overall appearance.

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If you’ve tried everything to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat on your face and body – but nothing has worked – we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz today for among the best liposuction Westlake Village has to offer. During that meeting, he will carefully evaluate the excess fat that concerns you most, while listening closely to your goals and desired results. From there, he will compose a custom treatment plan designed to remove the unwanted fat, while sculpting the smooth and contoured body you’ve always wanted.

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