Votiva - Vaginal Tightening

Delivered by aesthetic providers, Votiva is a non-invasive solution to many feminine issues previously only treated with surgery. For vaginal tightening in Thousand Oaks, inquire about Votiva.

Anti-Aging Technology at its Best: Votiva

As a woman ages, her body goes through various transformations, some of which are accelerated by childbirth and the aging process. These changes can be particularly noticeable on the vaginal area which can stretch and lose muscle tone over time.

Even though this is a natural occurrence, it can throw your personal life into turmoil. Loss of a degree of vaginal muscle tone can affect sexual satisfaction for both partners and often leads to a loss of self-esteem in even the most confident women.

This is where Votiva vaginal tightening in Thousand Oaks can help.

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva

Many doctors note that this is an incredibly common occurrence that can happen at any stage of adult life, but particularly as the adult body matures. Reduced elasticity and wrinkles on the vulva and labia and a relaxed vaginal canal can lower sensitivity and blood flow and cause periodic pain and dryness and a lower libido.

Votiva treatments are an excellent choice for many women. Unlike surgical procedures that can take up to two hours and require general anesthesia and take as much as six weeks of recovery, the Votiva procedure is non-invasive, comfortable when performed, and works to tighten and firm both internal and outer vaginal tissues.

The treatment for Votiva in Thousand Oaks takes only a few minutes and results can occur as quickly as the same day and there is virtually no recovery period. Best of all, this is the least expensive option!

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How Does Votiva Work?

Votiva is an advanced treatment focused on improving feminine health and overall quality of life.

Votiva is a customized treatment procedure for problems that are often associated with aging, childbirth, menopause or symptoms arising after a hysterectomy, to improve vaginal laxity, enlargement of the vulva and urinary incontinence.

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The Details: Vaginal Restoration with Votiva

The machine consists of two handheld devices and a separate control panel. The Forma V tool employs a sub-dermal heating technology that deploys advanced radio frequency technology to internal and external vaginal tissues.

As it is comfortably passed into the vaginal canal, it helps tighten the internal tissue by improving elastin and collagen structure. It is also used externally to tighten and reduce the appearance of loose, sagging labial tissues.

Each treatment takes 10 to 40 minutes and is similar in experience to an annual pap smear.

The Morpheus V is the second of the two handheld devices and employs what is known as a fractional or bi-polar RF treatment. This type of energy is used to improve skin tone and smoothness by resurfacing skin that has grown rough through the enlargement of cells over time. Precise regions can be exactly targeted to improve elastin, promote collagen remodeling and stimulating the growth of more youthful skin.

Benefits of the Votiva Procedure

  • Can be used by women who cannot receive estrogen therapy or choose not to.
  • Improves mild incontinence due to childbearing, age or hysterectomy.
  • Improves the cosmetic appearance of the outer vagina by tightening and smoothing tissues.
  • Improves the tightness of the vaginal canal.
  • Can restore and/or improve the pleasure of intimate relations by improving friction and sensitivity.
  • Reduces vaginal dryness.
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Improves self-esteem affected by decreased libido and incontinence.
  • No recovery time.
  • Fast results.
  • Offers an alternative to surgery that is effective and easy to tolerate.
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Am I a Candidate?

If you’ve read the above and feel any of this applies to you, you are likely a candidate. Even if you feel no adverse effects of childbirth, aging or surgical procedures such as a hysterectomy or bladder lift, a full examination may indicate developing issues you can get ahead of with a Votiva treatment. The Votiva procedure works best when laxity is mild to moderate.

Your next step is to call us for a private consultation about how Votiva can restore aesthetic vitality and renewed function to your feminine issues in just a few short treatments.

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Why choose Dr. Michael Schwartz for my treatments?

Nationally recognized and double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, Dr. Michael R. Schwartz is considered to be among the best surgeons practicing in the U.S. His vast expertise and eye for detail have given him a reputation for achieving exceptionally natural results. Dr. Schwartz has selected the truSculpt system to assist his patients in attaining a more sculpted, firm, taut body contour. When under the care of Dr. Schwartz and his team, you can expect to have a positive and rewarding experience with truSculpt flex treatments.

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